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Blood Magic is a game in which you, the son of Satan, Cain, slaughter enemies to appease your father and to ensure your survival. Use your wits, daggers, and abilities to outsmart your opponents to survive the longest and achieve a high score.

Warning! This game may not run without a dedicated GPU. Time for optimizations were short.


WASD - Move / Select Option.

Enter - Menu select.

LMB/RMB - Throw dagger / Throw three daggers.

CTRL - Dash.

ALT - Time slow.

F - Fireball.

Created by:

- @net8floz: Programming.

- topherlicious: Music and bug fixes.

- @JAKL_: Art and Designer.

Published Feb 17, 2017
Authorstopherlicious, JB, net8floz
GenreAction, Survival
Tags2D, GameMaker, Magic, Top-Down, Top down shooter
Average sessionA few minutes

Install instructions

Download and extract the contents of BloodMagic.zip anywhere on your pc, and launch BloodMagic.exe!

Download BloodMagic.yyz for the source. The source is provided as per the rules of the jam and may be used as a learning resource by anyone. It is not to be cloned or directly used as the base for another game.


BloodMagic.zip 42 MB
Blood Magic.yyz 126 MB

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